woensdag 16 februari 2011

two quick giveaways, a new recipe on the way!

How was your Thanksgiving? We had a great day. The food was perfect, the kids behaved, and all of the relatives got along.

win win win.

We're pretty much recovered, and the kids have begun decorating for Christmas. There is a garland of kid-cut snowflakes hanging over my head. I'm pretty sure our living room will never look like it was taken from the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog.

but it's perfect. I love it.

I do have a new slow cooker recipe to post----I made this chocolate creme concoction with a layer of ganache on top. IT'S WONDERFUL.

but the pictures are on the desktop, which is in the room where the baby is napping. And I'm not going to disturb that scenario for anything.

In the meantime, I've got two giveaways to share with you in honor of Cyber Monday. 

1) an Olay 7-in-1 review is up on Totally Together Reviews because I'm getting so old I now need an anti-aging moisturizer. And! Olay is giving away a $100 Visa giftcard just for reading all about it.

2) I'm done holiday shopping, thanks to Uncommon Goods. I fell in love with this catalog even before they decided to give me free products to host a giveaway. That's up on Totally Together Reviews, too.

Do you have  a turkey carcass in the house? (I type the word carcass way too often. It's kind of morbid.)

I will write about the crockpot chocolate pots de creme as soon as I can. 
maybe after the well-baby check up.
or clarinet lessons.
or the PTA silent auction meeting.

oh, that reminds me. Does anyone have any good ideas for silent auction items? Or how to best organize a silent auction? Or how to best not lose your mind while trying to organize a silent auction?

Happy Cyber Monday!

[If you read my site regularly through a feedreader or through email, you'll notice that I've enabled a shortened feed. I'm not happy about this. I HATE shortened feeds. I've done this because my site content has been taken directly from the feed and posted on other sites without my permission. The quickest and easiest way to keep content from being stolen is to no longer publish a full feed. The good news is that everything is still up on the website, and is only a click away.  I'm terribly sorry for any inconvenience, and greatly appreciate your support.]

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