vrijdag 25 februari 2011

All-in-one Sausage Pot With Root Vegetables

I do all the planning of our meals and all the shopping. I pay for our food. I do all the preparations. Then my husband eats whatever is available. I don't complain. Most of the time I enjoy it because I'm always free to cook what I want. I can do what I am best at and he can do what he is best at.

But sometimes I just don't know what to cook. My imagination fails me and I feel stuck. Sometimes I don't want to decide what to make for dinner. Preparing very simple and low-cost everyday meals is not my most favorite thing to do.

So, the other day, I asked my husband what kind of food he would like for dinner. His answer: Sausage pot with root vegetables. Not bad at all. I was pleased with his answer.

So, here it is:

All-in-one sausage pot with root vegetables

serves 4

* 500 - 750 mL vegetable stock (about 2-3 cups)
* 350 - 400 grams Swedish turnip (swede), peeled and cut into chunks
* 2 - 3 carrots, peeled and cut into slices
* 8 potatoes, peeled and cut into slices
* 1/4 cabbage head, shredded
* a small piece of celery root, peeled and cut into very small dices
* butter or vegetable oil
* 2 - 3 tablespoons tomato pure
* 400 grams Falukorv sausage , or similar sausage products, cut into pieces
* � teaspoon salt
* freshly ground black pepper
* parsley, chopped
(cornflour mixture, optional)

1. Melt butter or heat oil in a large pot.
2. Add the vegetables and fry over medium heat for a couple of minutes.
3. Add the vegetable stock.
4. Add tomato pure, stir and bring to boil.
5. Cover and simmer on low heat for 15 minutes, or until the root vegetables are just soft.
6. Add the sausage and continue to simmer for another 15 minutes.
7. Taste with salt and pepper and sprinkle with parsley.
(If you want to thicken the dish, you can stir in some cornflour mixture).

A saucy dish like this one, with a mix of sausage and vegetables, tastes much better reheated the next day when all the flavors have had a chance to mingle and marry each other. In other words, perfect leftover food.

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