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Steamed salmon in tin foil recipe

How to make steamed salmon using tin foil in the oven.

This is a very easy salmon recipe to cook.

Salmon is a very healthy and tasty fish to eat but on many occasions lots of different people have said that they love the taste of salmon but do not know how to cook it, Chef Jeena shows you how to cook salmon the simple way.

It is not always necessary to cook salmon in a fancy way, with some simple seasoning salmon can be very easy to cook and extremely delicious to eat.

Chef uses salt, pepper and dried dill to season this salmon, the dill is optional. The fish is then wrapped in tin foil and baked in a hot oven. Once cooked the salmon is then served with kale and garlic potatoes, you can serve with any side dish of your choice.

Salmon is high in omega oils, Vitamin D, Tryptophan (the happy brain chemical), Selenium and B Vitamins. So as well as being very tasty salmon is very healthy.

2-4 Salmon fillets
Black pepper
Dried dill (optional)

Picture of fresh salmon seasoned with salt, pepper and dill.

Picture of fork digging into the delicious steam baked salmon.

Recipe - How to make steamed salmon using tin foil in an oven

Unroll some tin foil and place it shiny side down on top of a flat oven tray.

Place a square/rectangle of greased proof paper in the center of the foil.

If there is no grease proof paper at hand the fish can be cooked in the foil alone.

Place salmon fillets in the center of the grease proof paper with a small gap between each fish.

Sprinkle with salt and black pepper and if using the dill sprinkle with dill.
A fresh sprig of dill can also be placed on top of the fish to infuse the salmon instead of using dried dill.

Pull the tin foil up at both ends and fold to seal the foil.

Make sure that there is space inside the foil for the hot air to steam the fish, almost like a foil bag.

If the foil is wrapped to tightly there will be no room for the hot air to steam the fish nicely.

Bake in an oven at gas mark 6-7 for 20 minutes or until cooked.

Serve with blanched green kale leaves and garlic potatoes or side dish of your choice.

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