woensdag 2 maart 2011

My last cake for the year 2009

Now, I'm so glad that Christmas, the longest holiday of the year, is over. (Officially, it concludes on January 13, when the Christmas tree is supposed to be thrown out).

If global warming does exist, then the green house effect seems to have paused here. Arctic temperatures make this winter the coldest in many years. Temperatures in December have been as cold as minus 40� Celsius. The next electric bill will be huge due to the cold weather!

My husband and I have celebrated our 45th year wedding anniversary. December is also my birthday month. Eating is of course an important part of all the celebrations. Now I weigh more than in November, so I have to do some exercise. I take a brisk walk for an hour every day, although I don't enjoy the cold winter air at all.

So, this will be my last cake for probably many months. I found the recipe in a Swedish home magazine a long time ago and had to try it. I don't remember which magazine I took it from.

Magazine Recipe

We did really enjoy this cake!

* 6 store-bought cake layers (or home-baked)
* 8 bananas
* 4-5 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder
* 2-3 teaspoons vanilla sugar
* 6 dl cold thick vanilla custard
* 3 small jars crushed pineapples, drained
* 2 dl raspberry jam or raspberry preserve
* 4 dl whipped cream
* raspberries, frozen (fresh, if available)

First, mash the bananas until they become almost pureed.
Then, blend vanilla sugar and cacao powder, and mix it with banana mash.

Cake layer 1: Spread half the vanilla custard evenly over the layer. Put 1� jar drained, crushed pineapples on the vanilla custard.

Cake layer 2: Spread half of the banana mash over the layer.

Cake layer 3: Spread raspberry jam (or raspberry preserve) over the layer.

Cake layer 4: Spread the remaining vanilla custard and crushed pineapples over the layer.

Cake layer 5: Spread the remaining banana mash over the layer.

Cake layer 6: Spread the whipped cream over the top and sides cake. Decorate with as many raspberries as you like.

I made the cake a day ahead. Just before serving, I whipped the cream and placed raspberries on top. The cake improves in both texture and flavor if made a day ahead. Everyone loved it. It's very moist and delicious.

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